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Spicy Sweet Peach. Details ->

Spicy Sweet Peach. Details ->

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Embark on a tantalising journey of flavours with Spicy Sweet Peach tea, where a harmonious blend of tingly sharp ginger and luscious sweet peach creates a captivating symphony for your taste buds

Sip on this delightful infusion and feel the gentle warmth of ginger dancing on your palate, perfectly balanced by the succulent and juicy notes of ripe peach. Crafted with care, this exquisite tea combines the finest rooibos leaves, invigorating ginger, and the delicate essence of blackberry leaves, adorned with the vibrant hues of calendula petals

Whether enjoyed hot or poured over ice, Spicy Sweet Peach is the ultimate companion for those seeking a unique and refreshing tea experience. Let the spicy-sweet dance of flavours transport you to a realm of pure tea bliss

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