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Smooth & Gentle. Sencha Green Tea. Details ->

Smooth & Gentle. Sencha Green Tea. Details ->

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INGREDIENTS: Green tea REGIONS: Kericho Mombasa CAFFEINE LEVEL: Low ANTIOXIDANT LEVEL: Ultra High PORTION: One spoon per 200ml CONTENTS: 15 grams

Smooth & Gentle Sencha green tea offers an exquisite, meticulously crafted product for the discerning palate. Sourced from the esteemed high elevations, where the air is as pure as the tea itself, this Sencha unfolds a narrative of unrivalled quality.

Upon the first sip, the green tea gracefully unfolds into a radiant brightness, revealing floral accents that whisper of tea gardens and mist-clad mornings. The finish is as smooth as it is gentle, a lingering caress that invites contemplation and savoured moments.

NUTS are present in the same manufacturing factory & preparation areas. Due to cross-contamination, we cannot guarantee our tea is allergen-free.

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