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Marigold Flower Tea

Marigold Flower Tea

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Marigold Flower Tea: Your Wellness Constellation

Marigold Flower tea, crafted from vibrant marigold petals, is a celestial brew for holistic wellness, aligning body and spirit with the universe's rhythm. This tea is a soothing embrace, encouraging rest, reflection, and the nurturing of your inner self.

Wellness and Advocacy: This tea reminds you to prioritize your well-being, advocating for balance and peace in your health routines. It's a gentle nudge to listen to your body, embracing practices that reflect your inner beauty and vitality.

Beauty in Harmony: Marigold Flower tea inspires you to align your beauty routines with your inner essence, enhancing your natural glow. It supports setting healthy intentions and guiding you towards self-care rituals that resonate with your true self.

Unique Expression: As you journey with this tea, it celebrates your individuality, encouraging you to express your uniqueness boldly and without fear. It's about embracing your authentic beauty, inside and out.

Radiant Glow: Ending your year with a glow of affection and self-love, Marigold Flower tea mirrors the love you attract by being genuinely you. It's a golden infusion that aligns your wellness journey with your outer expression, radiating harmony and confidence.

Sip Towards Wellness: Let Marigold Flower tea be a golden thread in your wellness tapestry, guiding you to a state of holistic health and radiant self-expression. Each cup is a step towards a balanced, vibrant life, glowing with the warmth of marigold.

🌸 Ingredients: Marigold Flowers

🌸Antioxidant level: Low

🌸Caffeine level: None

🌸Brew time: 3 - 7 minutes

🌸Portion: 1 heaped teaspoon

NUTS are present in the same manufacturing factory & preparation areas. Due to cross-contamination, we cannot guarantee our tea is allergen-free.

🌿 Contents: 10 grams

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