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Kiwi & Strawberry Fruit Salad. Details ->

Kiwi & Strawberry Fruit Salad. Details ->

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Embark on a tantalizing journey of fruity delight with Kiwi & Strawberry Fruit Salad tea, a vibrant blend that captures the essence of a refreshing fruit salad bursting with the flavours of ripe kiwis and succulent strawberries 

Indulge in the subtle essence of kiwi, with its delicate sweetness and tangy undertones. The hibiscus adds a delightful twist, complementing the natural flavours of the fruit and infusing the cup with a vibrant ruby hue 

The foundation of this exquisite blend is crafted with care, combining the finest apple pieces for a naturally sweet and crisp base. The rosehip contributes a subtle tang that enhances the overall profile. Generous portions of real kiwi and strawberry pieces are woven into the blend, ensuring every sip is filled with the essence of these luscious fruits 

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