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Heirloom Orchard

Heirloom Orchard

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Inspired by the legacy of a treasured orchard and a time-honoured recipe for spiced plum tarts, this remarkable blend will transport you to a realm of sweet nostalgia and warm memories. 

As you take your first sip, the rich and robust black tea leaves embrace your palate, enveloping it with their deep, velvety essence. The symphony of flavours begins to unfold, revealing the delightful combination of succulent apple pieces, carefully selected for their crisp and refreshing nature. 

The tea's character is further elevated by aromatic cinnamon, which infuses the blend with warmth. Notes of ginger and cloves blend harmoniously, adding a spice reminiscent of a cosy, beloved family kitchen. The infusion of amaranth and safflower petals mirrors the vibrant hues of an orchard in full bloom. 

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