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Dandelion Leaf Tea

Dandelion Leaf Tea

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Dandelion Leaf Tea: A Brew for Bonds

Dandelion Leaf Tea, with its pure dandelion leaves, is your brew for strengthening connections and celebrating your chosen family. Its earthy essence symbolizes unity and the joy of companionship, reminding you of the importance of nurturing friendships.

Fostering Connections: This tea is a beacon for building and cherishing relationships that resonate with your true self. It's about honouring those special bonds that feel like family, whether shared over a cup of tea or in the comfort of silent understanding.

Nourishing Relationships: Each sip of Dandelion Leaf Tea is a commitment to the ongoing care of your friendships. It's a ritual that encourages you to keep those bonds strong, offering a comforting presence through all of life's moments.

A Ritual for Togetherness: Let Dandelion Leaf Tea guide your gatherings and solitary reflections, a gentle nudge to hold dear the people who make up your chosen family, enriching your life with their unwavering support and love.

Savour the grounding essence of Dandelion Leaf tea, and let it inspire a deeper connection with those who walk with you under the same starry sky.

🌸 Ingredients: Dandelion leaves

🌸Antioxidant level: Low

🌸Caffeine level: None

🌸Brew time: 3 - 7 minutes

🌸Portion: 1 heaped teaspoon

NUTS are present in the same manufacturing factory & preparation areas. Due to cross-contamination, we cannot guarantee our tea is allergen-free.

🌿 Contents: 10 grams


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