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Calendula Flower Tea

Calendula Flower Tea

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Calendula Flower Tea: Your Cosmic Elixir

Calendula Flower tea, with its pure calendula petals, offers a soothing balm for the soul amidst the universe's ever-shifting energies. This golden infusion brings clarity and rejuvenation, guiding you through cosmic transitions with grace.

Mars and Mercury's Influence: In moments of Mars-induced lethargy or Mercury's communicative hurdles, this tea rekindles vitality and aids clear expression. It's your ally in overcoming energy dips and ensuring your words flow freely and accurately.

Uranus's Authenticity and Pluto's Transformation: As Uranus inspires you to embrace your true self, Calendula Flower tea bolsters your courage to live authentically. During Pluto's transformative demands, it comforts and strengthens, facilitating personal growth and the shedding of old habits.

Neptune's Spiritual Care and Venus's Inner Harmony: Neptune's call to deeper self-care finds a partner in Calendula Flower tea, enhancing introspection and emotional wellness. Venus retrograde, it helps preserve self-love and inner beauty, keeping you centred in love and aesthetic appreciation.

Jupiter's Philosophical Adventures: With Jupiter's influence expanding your horizons, this tea is a companion for exploration, turning challenges into growth opportunities and enriching your journey with its soothing presence.

Sip and Navigate: Let Calendula Flower tea be your light through the cosmic dance, offering peace and insight with each cup. As the planets move, it's your steadying force, illuminating the path to balance and harmony with the universe.

🌸 Ingredients: Calendula petals

🌸Antioxidant level: Low

🌸Caffeine level: None

🌸Brew time: 3 - 7 minutes

🌸Portion: 1 heaped teaspoon

NUTS are present in the same manufacturing factory & preparation areas. Due to cross-contamination, we cannot guarantee our tea is allergen-free.

🌿 Contents: 10 grams

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