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Blackcurrant Iced Tea. Details ->

Blackcurrant Iced Tea. Details ->

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Paddle into the deep purple swell of Blackcurrant Iced Tea. It's like a rad rush of those juicy, rich berries straight off the bush. Kick back and ride the lush, fruity wave that's just bursting with flavour. 🍇🌊🌴

🌸 Ingredients: Black tea, currants, blackberry leaves, mallow & cornflower & sunflower petals

🌸Antioxidant level: High

🌸Caffeine level: Medium

🌸Brew time: 3 - 7 minutes

🌸Portion: 2 heaped teaspoons.

NUTS are present in the same manufacturing factory & preparation areas. Due to cross-contamination, we cannot guarantee our tea is allergen-free. Contains natural organic flavours.

🌿 Contents: 15 grams

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