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Boteane Bespoke Blends

Boteane Bespoke Blends

Welcome to Boteane Bespoke Blends – where tea dreams come to life! 

Welcome to Boteane Bespoke Blends – where tea dreams come to life! Our Bespoke Tea Blending service is your ticket to tea heaven, where our tea wizards work their magic to bring your dream tea blend to life

How does it work?

🌱 Step 1: Choose Your Tea Type. Pick your base tea! Green, black, or mixed, sourced from the world's finest tea gardens. What tickles your taste buds?

Step 2: Choose Flavour Strength. How do you like your flavour? Light, medium, or rich? Your tea journey, your rules. This is where your blend gets its unique personality – your way!

🌈 Step 3: Choose Flavour Note. Like crafting a recipe to suit your taste, blending teas is an art! Pick from a range of notes, including malty, grassy, floral, or nutty flavour notes, to bring out the unique character of your blend.

🌼 Step 4: Add Petals. Let's add a splash of colour! Delicate calendula or rose petals – your tea's final flourish for that visual and aromatic delight.

🏷️ Step 5: Name Your Blend. Whether it's a gift or a personal treat, put your stamp on it! Give your blend a unique name (up to 23 characters, (wink, wink!)), and our tea blending expert will proudly add their initials.

🎁 Step 6: Gift Wrapping. We'll package your Bespoke Blend in a beautiful, ribboned tube box. Gifting? Opt for our fabulous gift wrap – tissue and all, because every blend deserves a grand entrance!

Curate your blend, name it with flair, and let the tea magic begin!

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