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Luxury Earl Grey

Luxury Earl Grey

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Prepare to embark on a tea journey with our Luxury Earl Grey. Crafted to redefine your tea-drinking experience, this exquisite blend combines the timeless elegance of Earl Grey with a captivating twist of Thai Lemongrass and Spanish Orange

You'll be enveloped in a sultry citrus symphony from the first sip. The vibrant Thai Lemongrass infuses the premium black tea base with invigorating zing, while the Spanish Orange adds a delightful burst of sunny, citrusy goodness

As the citrus notes gently caress your taste buds, you'll notice the mellow and sublime finish that is the hallmark of a truly luxurious tea. The premium black tea base provides a solid foundation for these flavours, ensuring a harmonious and satisfying conclusion to each sip

This tea isn't just a beverage; it's an invitation to refinement. Luxury Earl Grey elevates every occasion. It's the embodiment of sophistication in a teacup
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