About Boteane...

At Boteane, we create experiences with extraordinary tea and tisane that help people enjoy holistic well-being. We aim to connect you with nature's bounty while championing a healthier planet. We believe in community trust, social responsibility, and teaming up with awesome partners like Fair Trade, Ethical Tea Partnership, and the Rainforest Alliance. Our mission? Light up your inner spark with every sip, one sanctuary at a time

Our Mission


*Inner Spark: The innate passion, beauty and creative potential
that resides within individuals, fuelling their pursuit of personal growth, self-expression, and fulfilment

Our Vision

We aim to prove that the wellness industry can offer affordable, high-quality teas with luxurious ingredients that nurture both the body and the Earth.

Our values guide everything we do

Wholehearted Fortitude: We are purpose-driven and act with integrity, collaborating and taking responsibility for our actions. We demonstrate unwavering determination and support each other to overcome obstacles.

Mindful co-creation bound with agility:
We are creative thinkers and problem solvers who use data to focus on what's important. We embrace resourcefulness and continuously learn, challenge, adapt, listen, understand, deliver, and respond.

Originality: We seek inspiration from nature, science, and data to maximise growth, connection, and transformation. Embracing our authentic selves, we foster growth and collaboration. Customer insights guide us to develop original solutions for growth.

Join the team

Embark on a journey of innovation and growth with Boteane! As we continue to revolutionise the tea industry and expand our global presence, we seek exceptional individuals to join our diverse
team. Be part of a dynamic, purpose-driven organisation that fosters creativity, collaboration, and personal growth. Explore our current job vacancies and discover exciting opportunities to contribute to our mission of redefining how the world experiences tea. Join us on this extraordinary adventure where passion meets purpose