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Decaf Green Tea offers the same rich flavors and health benefits as regular green tea but without the caffeine. It's ideal for those looking to reduce their caffeine intake while still enjoying the antioxidant benefits of green tea. Our decaf process preserves the delicate flavours and healthful properties, ensuring a restful and rejuvenating cup every time

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Decaf Green Tea FAQ's

Why Choose Decaf Green Tea?

Decaf Green Tea is perfect for those sensitive to caffeine or looking for a calming cup that won't disrupt sleep

Decaf Tea for Evening Rituals?

Yes, it's the ideal beverage to enjoy in the evenings, allowing for relaxation without affecting sleep patterns

Benefits of Decaf Over Regular Tea?

Choosing decaf green tea offers all the traditional benefits of green tea while being perfect for those who are caffeine-sensitive. It allows for relaxation and enjoyment of tea's natural flavors late at night or throughout the day without affecting your sleep or causing the restlessness sometimes associated with caffeine.

Does Decaf Green Tea Hydrate?

Yes, decaf green tea is hydrating. Without caffeine, which can have a diuretic effect, decaf green tea provides the body with fluids it needs, making it a nourishing choice that supports hydration, along with providing antioxidants and aiding in digestion without the dehydration concerns tied to caffeinated beverages.

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