Get Fired Up with Gunpowder Green Tea!

Step into Boteane’s world, where Gunpowder Green Tea explodes with tradition and taste. It's the rebel of the tea world: bold, smoky, and daring

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Ever wonder why it's called Gunpowder Green Tea? Picture this: each leaf is rolled into tiny, tight pellets that pop open with zest when you brew them. It's like a mini fireworks show in your teapot! But hey, it's not just about the drama. This tea is steeped in history and loaded with health perks. Rich in antioxidants, it's your ally in the good fight against the everyday wear and tear on your body. Plus, it's the perfect Kickstarter for your metabolism. So, whether you're looking to jazz up your tea routine or find a healthy beverage buddy, our Gunpowder Green Tea is ready to rumble!

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Boteane’s Gunpowder Green Tea

It's not just a drink; it's an adventure in a cup. From its rich, smoky aroma to its bold flavour, get ready for an explosive tea experience!

Gunpowder Green Tea FAQ's

What's the Buzz with Gunpowder Green Tea?

You've hit the jackpot with Gunpowder Green Tea! Not only does it pack a flavorful punch, but it's also your secret weapon for health. Antioxidants? Check. Metabolism boost? Check. A daily cup is a treasure trove of benefits!

How's Gunpowder Tea Different from the Rest?

Gunpowder Tea is the James Bond of the tea world - cool, mysterious, and a little bit edgy. Its unique rolling technique locks in the flavour and the goodness, making each cup a healthful delight.

Can Gunpowder Tea Really Light Up My Health?

Absolutely! Gunpowder Tea is brimming with antioxidants, those little bodyguards that help keep your cells happy and healthy. Plus, its metabolism-boosting reputation is well-earned, helping you feel great from the inside out.

Best Way to Brew a Bangin' Cup of Gunpowder?

Easy! Just let those little pellets steep in hot (but not boiling!) water for a few minutes. Watch them unfurl and unleash a world of flavour and health right in your cup.

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