Nightly Zen: Green Tea for Sweet Sleep

As the stars twinkle, let Boteane's Green Tea be your evening serenade. It's your gentle ticket to dreamland, wrapped in warmth and wellness

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Find out more about green tea and sleep here

Ever thought of a tea that tucks you in? That's our green tea at Boteane. It's not just any evening brew; it's a cup filled with tranquillity. Picture it: you're winding down, the world's getting quiet, and our green tea is the companion whispering, 'relax, it's all good.' It's got a hint of caffeine, sure, but just the right amount to softly send off the day without a fuss. And oh, L-theanine – it's the superhero amino acid that's all about turning down the dial on stress and tuning into calm frequencies. Sipping our green tea as the night rolls in is like giving yourself a well-deserved pat on the back, saying 'hey, you did good today.' It's about savouring those moments of peace before you drift off into the land of nod.

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Green tea for better sleep

Our Night-Time Green Tea line-up is the stuff of dreams. We keep it mellow on the caffeine and high on the chill factor so you can sip back and relax

Night-Time Green Tea FAQ's

Will a cup of green tea steal my sleep?

Nah, it's not a sleep snatcher. Think of our green tea as the friend who gently dims the lights. Sip it early enough, and you're setting the stage for a beautiful night's rest.

Does green tea have the magic for better sleep?

It's not magic, but it's pretty close. Our green tea's got L-theanine, which is like a lullaby for your brain. It helps smooth out the edges of a rough day and lays out the red carpet for a night of quality sleep

Does green tea have the magic for better sleep?

Give it a two-hour window before bed. It's like the pre-game show for your sleep – gets you in the mood without overstaying its welcome.

How late is too late for a green tea nightcap?

Think of it as the opening act for your sleep concert. You'll want to enjoy it about two hours before the main event – your bedtime. This gives you all the mellow vibes without the encore of tossing and turning.

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