Genmaicha: Toasty Green Tea Tranquillity

Welcome to Boteane, where our Genmaicha Green Tea blends the warmth of roasted rice with the freshness of green tea. It's comfort in a cup!

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Imagine a tea that wraps you up like a cosy blanket — that's Genmaicha for you. Each cup is a harmonious mix of roasted brown rice and delicate green tea leaves, creating a toasty flavour that's as soothing as it is delightful. Traditionally loved in Japan, this 'popcorn tea' has a nutty essence and is chock-full of antioxidants. It's the tea you turn to when you need a warm hug from the inside. And the best part? It's great for your digestion and gentle on the stomach. So, come on over to Boteane and let's toast to health with a cup of our heartwarming Genmaicha!

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Boteane’s Genmaicha Green Tea

Discover the unique, toasty taste of Boteane’s Genmaicha Green Tea, where every sip brings a comforting embrace of roasted goodness and green vitality.

Genmaicha Green Tea FAQ's

What's Genmaicha Green Tea?

Genmaicha is a delightful blend of green tea and roasted brown rice. It's like your favourite grain bowl decided to become a tea — wholesome, nutty, and utterly comforting!

Health Perks of Genmaicha, Anyone?

Genmaicha isn't just tasty; it's a health kick, too! It's loaded with antioxidants, gives your metabolism a friendly nudge, and is kind to your tummy. A true tea-riffic titan!

Why's Genmaicha Called 'Popcorn Tea'?

Popcorn Tea? Yep, because some rice grains pop during roasting, resembling popcorn. But there's no movie needed to enjoy this blockbuster brew!

How to Brew the Perfect Genmaicha?

For a flawless Genmaicha experience, steep it in hot water, not quite boiling, for about a minute. This way, you'll catch all the toasty notes without any bitter goodbyes!

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