Loose Green Tea: Pure & Authentic

Step into Boteane's realm of loose green tea. Here, every leaf unfurls a story of purity, flavour, and traditional tea artistry

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Loose green tea is where tradition meets taste. At Boteane, we're all about celebrating these unbound, uncrushed leaves. Why loose? Because it's the most authentic way to enjoy green tea. These leaves have room to dance in your teapot, releasing their full spectrum of flavours and aromas. It’s not just a brew; it’s an experience. Rich in nutrients and antioxidants, loose green tea is a gift of health in every sip. Dive into our diverse selection, from the classic to the exotic, and discover the true essence of green tea in its loose-leaf glory

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Loose Green Tea Collection

Our loose green tea collection is a celebration of natural flavours and health benefits. Each leaf is a commitment to quality and a passport to a tea journey like no other.

Loose Green Tea FAQ's

Why Choose Loose Green Tea?

Loose green tea is the choice for purists. It offers a richer flavour, more potent antioxidants, and an authentic tea experience straight from leaf to cup.

How to Brew Loose Green Tea Perfectly?

Brewing loose green tea is simple: use fresh, filtered water, and steep for just a few minutes. This method preserves its delicate flavours and health benefits.

Does Loose Green Tea Have More Health Benefits?

Yes, loose green tea tends to retain more antioxidants and nutrients than its bagged counterpart, making it a healthier choice for your daily cup.

Can You Reuse Loose Green Tea Leaves?

Indeed, you can! Loose green tea leaves can often be steeped multiple times, offering a new dimension of flavour with each infusion.

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