Cold Green Tea: Refreshing Simplicity

Revitalize your day with Boteane's Cold Green Tea, a perfect blend of refreshment and health, made effortlessly with our Cold Brew Bottle - FREE with a Discovery Box

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Imagine a hot summer day, and you're sipping on a glass of chilled green tea, courtesy of Boteane’s Cold Brew Bottle. This isn't just any cold tea; it's a rejuvenating experience, steeped in all the goodness of green tea, but cooler. The Cold Brew Bottle, a free gift with every Discovery Box purchase, is your ticket to this refreshing journey. It's designed to make brewing cold green tea as easy as filling the bottle with water and tea leaves and letting it steep. The result? A naturally sweet, smooth, and refreshing beverage that's loaded with the antioxidants of green tea, minus the bitterness often found in hot brews. It's perfect for hydration, a midday pick-me-up, or just a moment of zen in your busy life.

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Cold green tea

Explore the refreshing world of cold green tea with Boteane. Our Cold Brew Bottle, your free gift with a Discovery Box, is the perfect accessory for crafting this cooling delight

Cold green tea FAQ's

Why Choose Cold Brewed Green Tea?

Cold brewing green tea is like discovering a hidden gem. It's smoother, less bitter, and it keeps all those lovely antioxidants intact. Plus, it's super refreshing, making it a great choice for hydration on warm days or after a workout.

How Does the Boteane Cold Brew Bottle Enhance the Experience?

Boteane's Cold Brew Bottle is like your personal tea barista. It's designed to extract the best flavours from green tea, giving you a perfectly smooth and refreshing brew every time. Plus, it's super convenient – just add tea and water, and let the magic happen.

Can I Use Any Green Tea for Cold Brewing?

Absolutely! You can experiment with any of Boteane's green teas in the Cold Brew Bottle. Each variety offers a different flavour profile, so you can explore and find your favourite cold brew blend.

Is Cold Brewed Green Tea as Healthy as Hot Brewed?

Definitely! In fact, cold brewing can preserve more antioxidants and reduce bitterness, making it not just a tasty but a healthier choice, too. It's a win-win for both taste and health.

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