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Discover Boteane's world of Green Tea Varieties, each with its own story, character, and a cornucopia of flavours and benefits

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Embark on a global tea-tasting adventure with Boteane's selection of green tea varieties. From the vegetal freshness of a classic sencha to the smoky depth of gunpowder, every variety brings its own unique profile. Each leaf whispers tales of ancient traditions, of lands and hands that nurture and harvest. And it's not just about taste – these teas are a healthful bounty, too, loaded with antioxidants, offering you a different wellness journey with every cup. Whether you're a tea aficionado or a curious newbie, our range has something to surprise and delight your palate while weaving a tapestry of health benefits.

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Green tea varieties

From invigorating morning brews to calming evening infusions, Boteane's green tea varieties are carefully curated to cater to every moment and mood

Green Tea Varieties FAQ's

What's the Range of Green Tea Varieties Boteane Offers?

Boteane boasts a rich selection, from the classic Sencha to the luxurious Matcha. Each variety is chosen for its distinct flavour and the story it tells – a diversity that ranges from the light and uplifting to the deep and grounding.

How Do Different Green Tea Varieties Affect Health?

Each green tea variety comes with its own health symphony. While all are rich in antioxidants, some, like matcha, are detox powerhouses, and others, like sencha, are great for a gentle metabolic boost.

Can You Recommend a Green Tea for Relaxation?

For relaxation, our Jasmine & Luchous Lychee green tea is like a soothing melody, perfect for unwinding. If you're seeking something to help with meditation or mindfulness, our delicate Flowe Power variety can be just the right companion

How Can I Explore the Flavours of Different Green Teas?

Exploring our green tea varieties is like a culinary journey. Start with our Personalised Discovery Box, take notes on what strikes your fancy, and don’t be afraid to mix it up. Pay attention to the water temperature and steeping times – they can make all the difference in unveiling the subtle nuances of each variety.

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